The Manifesto of This Website

What? What is this website?

Well, let's explain it this way.

Born in 1984, I ended up watching a lot of commercials. And, if you know me well enough, a lot of these commercials got stuck in my head. Some commercials a lot better than others. What can I say about them?

Suffice it to say, that these advertisments, as wacky and other-worldly as they were, appealed to me. Maybe it was a sci-fi or fantasy background that made these appeal to me, but soon I found myself looking for other strange commercials.

Yes, many of these ads that I liked to see were weird, or strange. Honeycomb's "Craver" campaign, Fruit Gushers' original "Morphing Heads" series, and many of the odd ones in between. There are COUNTLESS commercials I have seen-- but here is where the problem comes in!

Almost all of the advertisers who created these ads never left any lingering memory of their work. So, old videos that appealed to me disappeared from Pop Culture, and left no trace on the internet... In most cases.

I had to find ways to get those advertisments, and found that the best, and most reliable locations costed me money. You see, I realized a long time ago that the most time-economical way to find advertisements was to recruit those who are paid to do it. Because of this, I visited many websites where people compiled many ads for me to browse through, free of charge. This resulted in a few ads being accumulated by me, but not all my old memories. I still needed to find those classic memories.

And now-- why I said all that

That's where this website comes in.

I realized that the power of one is weak, but that we are strong as a group.

This is me, asking for your help-- the help of like-minded individuals.

I realize that I and others like me may be considered strange. I mean, consider the fact that I grew older, while their target audience stayed the same age range! Even moreso since the content of these ads involve a strange concept such as morphing or 'transformation.'

Let's disregard those notions while you visit my website. Do you like weird stuff that happens in commercials?

So do I, once in awhile. :)


~Nathan B / SoreThumb

Recent News

There were a lot of TV ads that I was searching for, that I know exist. The original goal of this website was to request those ads specifically from ad-sourcing websites. Since I only knew of one that could have those websites (at an acceptable price vs quality ratio), I planned on any successful donation drive to involve purchasing an ad from that website.

When I was interested in purchasing an ad with only my own funds from this website, I found out that they had almost no ads that I was looking for. Ergo, I have no idea how we can find these ads, excluding looking through old tapes!.

So, this site will intend to catalogue everything, and let some fans know what else is out there.