Now that you're here-- Join us!

Do you like weird transformations/morphs in ads? Well, so do we.

I don't care your reason. Do you like TV nostalgia of noteworthy, weird ads? Was there an ad as a kid with a morph that scared you, but you want to see it again? Do you want to be Godzilla and remembered a commercial that fufilled this fantasy? Whatever floats your boat. Come on in.

The goal, here, is for all of us to band together to find ads that we cannot find elsewhere on the internet.

(This is almost a personal ad-trading website, to be honest.


~Nathan B / SoreThumb

(SoreThumb 's Youtube Profile)


Does this page look weird for you?

Since this website begins with ads in its URL, usually AdBlock for Firefox will screw up how this page looks. My advice? Go to the Adblock Stop Sign (you can have it showing up on your status bar or in your toolbar from Adblock settings), right click on it and tell it to disable blocking throughout all of :)


Feb 25th, 2011 (fri): Updated this website with additional ads I've been lazy in posting.. A lot has happened recently! One of the big directors has joined Youtube, and has also posted ads that would apply to our site.

Nov 29th, 2009 (sat): Updated this website with different terms and conditions, new news, ..

May 23rd, 2009 (sat): Found out this site was displaying badly in Firefox with AdBlock.

April 12th, 2009 (sun): Wow, what a wait, eh? :/ Sorry.

I added two ads to the "USA" ads section, and re-organized the file structure of the site.

July 16th, 2008 (wed): Site was created! You can also see our RSS feed in the lower right of the page. RSS feed? Well.. I'm actually updating it manually. So I hope you can suffer it! D:


So, what do we do NOW?

Take a look at our Current Funds page to find out all the ads that we're currently working up the money to purchase! Or, why not review a list of Current USA Ads-- the ads that we've already obtained? We also have a list of Global Ads that have varying degrees of wacky fun inside. Finally, if the mood strikes you, you can review the Ad-Wanted List to see a list of ads that we have heard of, and their descriptions-- maybe you'll want to contribute to their funds? :)

Also! If you have any ads that are in our wanted list-- contact us! We'd be more than happy to accept your pretty donation, and add you to our group. Do you have a VHS that has that commercial on it, but you can't digitize it?? Contact me about it! We'll make its digitization a reality. :D

You can read up a bit more about my interest in this field, and/or this website's manifesto at the About Page. :) What might be of most importance to EVERYBODY would be the Terms of This Service page. It describes how I offer this collection service on behalf of all of us without profit (non-profit).


Site's Goals

I don't think this site will ever be very large. But, it may. In case it does, I plan on having all the ads on the website, and allowing access based on a credit system-- when your ad is bought, you get entry. When you've used up all the $ you've contributed, you'd need to donate to a new video project to get back and access... I'm not sure.

In any case, we want to have tons ads for our contributors, and have those ads in many formats-- getting as good as we can.


Contact me when you are able! :)